Front loading commercial glasswasher with two simple button controls for effortless,
consistently clean results. The perfect glasswasher for where space is limited.
The G350d is an easy to operate glass washer with a 350 x 350mm basket that holds 12 pint-sized glasses
and with its two-minute wash cycles standard (two minutes) and light (1.5 minutes), this machine is capable of cleaning up to 480 glasses per hour.
It comes with a digital LCD display to accurately show the temperature of the wash tank, rinse boiler,
re-assuring the operator that it is up to temperature and fully sanitising during the wash cycle.

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Additional Information

* Basket size 350 x 350mm, two baskets included
* 2 Cycle times 1.5 minutes and 2 minutes
* Capacity – 360 glasses per hour
* LCD digital display
* Accurately shows wash tank & rinse boiler temperatures
* 12 Pint glasses per rack
* Built in detergent & rinse aid dispenser
* WRAS compliant type B air break & gravity drain pump
* Simple two button control for improved user experience
* Software monitors water, temperature & chemical levels
* Quick start mode
* Unique removable door and guides
* Moulded steel interior wash chamber
* Extremely low capacity wash tank
* Rinse boiler temperature 70C
* Double skinned door
* Incoming water temperature range 4 to 55C
* Rinse aid, detergent settings & priming of chemical pumps
* Simple colour coded operating display
* Srain pump fitted
* Wash tank 5.75 litres, 2.0kW, 55C
* Rinse tank 6.5 litres, 2.6kW, 70C
* Noise below 70dB
* Weight 32kg
* Electric 13A, 2.85kW, 230V, UK plug
* W410 x D517 x H644 – 674mm

Price includes delivery and installation within a 50 mile radius of manchester and 6 MONTHS warranty parts/labour.
Basket and water hose. Machine can be seen working.
Call for more info 07765505677